Why Ivy International

Early years education has a lasting impact on the overall development of children. IVY International incorporates the Cambridge early years curriculum to bring international quality education to your hometown. The curriculum is a combination of individual and group based classroom and experiential learning, and also embodies the best practices of other international educational philosophies. Our educational ideology imbibes the Indian values and culture with the Cambridge International pre-school program. Some of the other core features of IVY International include

  • Cambridge resources for the learners
  • A large indoor PlayZone to enable a fun environment for learning
  • State of art (CCTV enabled campus) and supportive learning environment (reading corners, play zone, gym, etc.)
  • Assessment protocols based on student portfolio and student led conference
  • Weekend homework policy with Friday folders. Parents are informed of student assignments to extend the learning to home
  • Focus on overall development of the child and towards their learning outcomes while providing a variety of educational styles to help understand concepts
  • Periodic training and refresher courses for academic and support staff by experts and mentors including sensitizing them on child care and development
  • Regular audit and monitoring of facilities and resources conducted by walk-throughs and as a part of the Quality Management System
  • Unique parent workshops at the school on various relevant topics; a parents concern address system for resolving parent queries
  • High emphasis on children safety and hygiene based on international standards. Background check of staff done before recruitment