IVY International offers different Cambridge International pre-school programs for children of the smarter generation.

Toddlers Program (Playgroup) for children below 2.5 years

The IVY International Toddlers Program (Playgroup) for children below 2 .5 years is designed to build and develop social, cognitive and motor skills while also helping them develop a liking for reading and writing. Based on the Cambridge International pre-school curriculum, through this program children will learn to think and express their thoughts in a creative manner.

The individual and small group activities will excite children to know more and help them recognize their unique abilities. Through experiential learning, children will learn to recognize alphabets, tell stories and reach their numeracy goals. Under the supervision of specialists, children in the Toddlers program will also spend time at the state of the art play zone equipped with learning tools and gym as well as explore other areas of learning including music and creative arts, playing with blocks and dramatic plays.

Foundation Years 1 (Nursery) for children above 2.5 years

The Foundation Years 1 (Nursery) program at IVY International for children above 2.5 years is the big first step towards connecting with the world. Children get acquainted to the idea of learning though books, associating names with things and people and have meaningful conversations. They learn to recognize body parts, colours, shapes and positional words. They use tools to investigate objects and recognize that they can move the objects they find.

The ideas are then cemented through experiential learning activities where they investigate, move and know the right utility of objects. These stimulating experiences set in a routine enable a nurturing and supportive environment for children to learn.

Foundation Years 2 (Junior KG) for children above 3.5 years

The Foundation Years 2 (Junior KG) program at IVY International for children above 3.5 years is ideal for learning through discovery, experimentation and exploration. Children begin elaborative communication by learning to respond to open-ended questions and understand more complex positional words that help them in following and giving directions. Taking a step beyond naming the body parts, children discover the five senses and the associated physical and emotional responses.

At the numeracy level, children learn to use shape sorters and complete simple puzzles. By using their fine motor skills to perform various physical activities, children discover their physical abilities and also learn to engage socially.

Foundation Years 3 (Senior KG) for children above 4.5 years

The Foundation Years 3 (Senior KG) program at IVY International for children above 4.5 years is the stepping stone to primary school education. Literacy is encouraged through book reading and story-telling. These learnings are then internalized through social experiments where they discover and learn to label various human emotions. By comparing objects and shapes as well as learning to count and measure, the numeracy skills are enhanced. Knowledge of their social surroundings is expanded by role plays, trips and other experiential learning tools.

Children also learn to master their gross and fine motor skills at the state of the art play zone equipped with learning tools and a gym. The Foundation Years 3 (Senior KG) program has been designed keeping in mind the various curricula children are likely to get exposed to at the primary school level.


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