Key features

Highlights of the IVY International - Cambridge early years curriculum:

  • Based on the Cambridge International pre-school program for smarter generations
  • Experiential learning to help children learn through observation and experience and not just from books
  • Individualized and thematic age-appropriate learning and challenges
  • Incorporates the best practices of other international educational philosophies
  • Provides children with opportunities to maximize their ability to learn
  • Offers a fun learning environment for children by leveraging the state of art play zone equipped with learning tools and gym
  • Ideal for all-round holistic development through individualized, group-based and experiential learning opportunities

Core structure

Inspired by the Cambridge International early years program, the pedagogy at IVY International also incorporates the best practices of educational philosophies including the Reggio Emilia approach, Universal Value Education and Multiple Intelligence. Using Cambridge International as the foundation, our pre-school curriculum focuses on holistic development of every child by infusing the characteristics of communication, inquiry, creativity, responsibility and confident learning.

Curriculum design

From the toddler through the foundation years program, our unique curriculum is designed to foster language development, social skills, inter and intra personal development as well as fine and gross motor skills in children. The young minds get introduced to Numeracy, Literacy, Environmental, Story times and Rhymes and Creative activities by exploring their surroundings as well as by using their fine and gross motor skills to recognize and investigate objects (experiential learning).

Through events and activities (in the form of excursions, trips, sittings, performances, etc.) and interactions, children develop social skills. Role plays help in identifying emotions and nurturing communication, interpersonal, cognitive and leadership skills. Role plays help in identifying emotions and nurturing communication, interpersonal, cognitive and leadership skills. Our curriculum welcomes the involvement of parents in structuring events designed to support classroom teaching. To stay abreast with their child’s progress, parents also have the option to participate in regular formal and informal interactions with the school teachers and support staff.

Learning resources

IVY International follows and prescribes Cambridge International Books, known for its academic rigour, innovative thinking and leading-edge practices as crucial aspects of delivering the excellent, fully rounded education that 21st-century learner demands. ‘Cambridge Saffron Primer Series Books’ are student friendly, visually appealing and structured term wise to help learners practice and perfect the foundation years literacy and numeracy goals.

We also prescribe the ‘Cambridge Reading Adventures’ – a selection of small books that are meant to generate interest and develop a reading habit in children. The books are in alignment with the Cambridge International education philosophy and seamlessly integrate with the next levels of the Cambridge programs.

Unique Enhancement Programs

The IVY International Cambridge curriculum is best for individualized as well as group-based learning. Using an ideal combination of classroom and outdoor activities, children are exposed to a variety of enhancement programs that are meant to foster all-round development in them:

  • English Language Enhancement programs for English Immersion
  • Reading Program using Zoo Phonics
  • Thematic Inquiries for understanding the world around
  • Multiple Intelligence Program for learning 360 degree
  • Fitness Program for Healthy Living
  • Happy Hour @ Play Zone
  • Tech experience with Tablets/ iPads
  • Young Artist Program for creative pursuits
  • Manners Matter Program for Civic Skills
  • Classroom without walls program for outdoor learning experience

Teacher Training

As part of introducing and familiarizing teachers with the Cambridge International Pre-school Curriculum, we at IVY International ensure all teaching staff undergo specialized training before commencing to teach the prescribed Cambridge curriculum we implement. Besides learning to use the Cambridge framework to execute the early years program, our training, CPD courses and the IVY Teachers Certification Course with Internship help teachers to enhance and upgrade their skills, and knowledge.

The training modules are also designed to support teachers’ understanding of the philosophy and pedagogy of our school and our commitment to adherence to the Cambridge international teaching methodology. Teachers are also trained on implementing effective assessment techniques based on individual child performance and group interactions. For the Center Head, facilitators and other senior staff of the school, we offer pedagogical leadership training for building capacity with latest trends in education, child psychology and teaching methodology.